Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New York Comic Con 2008

The New York Comic Con has come and gone. And Chris and I had a great time. We sold a lot of comics and got to meet a lot of new readers. Some of whom had heard of us from the Internet. That was exciting. We also met new friends, including our table-mate Stuart Clark. Besides being a great guy, he also wrote a fantastic new sci-fi book called "Project U.L.F." Check it out:

As usual we also hung out with Todd, Craig, and Rico (AKA the Perhapanauts crew.)

And since we were in New York, we had lots of company. Gino hung out all weekend. Jose stopped by Sunday. And we even got Julia and Jen to come by. Abby learned her lesson about too many nerds in a confined space back in Charlotte.

The most encouraging part of the weekend was all the feedback we got on the preview pages for issue 2. Everyone who flipped through it was raving about Chris' artwork. (As well they should.) I will post some of those pages soon for the rest of the world to see.

Here are a few pictures from the con:

"Scott and Chris"

"Gino and Chris"

"Craig, Todd, and Rico"

"After-School Agent #2 Display"

"Chris and Gino drawing"

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